Henderson, Nevada Professional Investor Property Management

Handling a rental property requires a continual commitment of money and attention. From regular maintenance to collecting monthly payments, it can be a challenge for a single property owner to organize by themselves. RENU Management Nevada handles tasks related to managing rented real estate, making us a helpful candidate to carry the workload. Our talented team is prepared to handle all of your property management work, whether you want to rent a single rental home or have a large portfolio of properties across Nevada. You can sit back and collect the profits from your investment while we handle the hard part.

Screening Prospective Tenants

Conserve time, save money and reduce stress on your property with RENU Management Nevada of Henderson. RENU Management Nevada handles marketing by adding your property to home listing websites to get the best tenants nearby. Each tenant who signs up for your space will go through an in-depth credit, criminal, rental and employment history screening. All this careful work has given us some of the best retention rates for renters and property owners among property management services.

24/7 Rent & Maintenance Access

Property owners and renters alike can get an advantage by using our tools. Renters in Henderson can submit rent and request repairs whenever they want with our property management software. Property owners get reliable documentation and rent disbursement while tenants have the convenience of online payments. This system also comes with all day-every day access and a 24-hour renter emergency hotline. Making a profit with real estate in Henderson has never been easier.

Reliable Property Maintenance

Even if you don’t live in Henderson, RENU Management Nevada will take care of any spaces you own nearby. Preparation and maintenance are part of our full-service plans. You can depend on consistent evaluations indoors and out once renters move onto your property. We also have a trained team of local technicians to handle whatever maintenance needs arise.

Trusted Partnership

RENU Management Nevada runs on quality management and honest policies. Our Henderson property management service takes care of all the stress of rentals so you can benefit from the profits. We offer a transparent fee schedule for each tier of service for our investors.

Delivering Profit

Having real estate in the Henderson area has advantages and disadvantages, but our property management services eliminate the annoyances and save you money. Without the need to advertise, find tenants, provide repairs and deal with evictions or collections, all you need to do is kick back with the steady flow of monthly rent. Contact us for a free rent analysis.

Talk to Us Today

With over half a century of combined experience in real estate, RENU Management Nevada has gained credibility in the real estate and property management industries. We are expertly trained in best property management practices. You can rest assured we are ready to tackle any possibilities that could come up in the day to day work of managing the property. For a rent analysis at no cost or to get more details about what we do, call today.